Stunning In Honey Yellow

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Many of us have our own favorite colors.  Mine is yellow.  It somehow attracts my eyes for no reason at all.  When I see a yellow dress, it looks so beautiful that I almost always buy it.  It is so alive like the color of the sun which gives life to all living things especially us, human beings.

Even in my sullen mood, I sometimes still wear yellow to somehow mask the glum.

Yellow defines my personality in so many ways.  In my state of happiness, I always love a good laugh almost all the time.  When I wear it, it somehow brings out the “better” me; my happy disposition out of many faces Aimee has.  It makes me feel good and confident.  It somehow brightens up my eyes like stars in the sky as if I have a place there that is truly mine.

Yellow also colors my dreams and aspirations.  As high as it is, positive thinking must coexist with it.  The absence of one will not make it possible.

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